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Koopmanskloof Creche
Koopmanskloof Crèche was founded 14 years ago by Mrs. Tersia Fourie. The crèche was opened to accommodate and educate our farm workers' children while they are at work during the day. With her knowledge and guidance, she works together with a group of women: Siena Smith, Kaliena Swartz, Maria Franke, Mary-Anne Hendriks and Johanna Albertus, all from Koopmanskloof Wingerde. 

They make sure that all the children are properly fed and well looked after during the day. The crèche is situated on the farm De Waalshof, who forms part of Koopmanskloof Wingerde. The children, aged from baby to pre-school, come from four of our farms: Koopmanskloof, De Waalshof, Alpha and Hou den Mond. The farm managers make sure that all the children are collected at home and taken to the crèche for the day. 

For any questions or donations regarding the creche, please contact Mrs. Tersia Fourie at the following numbers: 
Tel: +27.218652401 | Cell: +27.835648863 
Tel: +27.218652355   Fax: +27.865607145   Email:  
P.O. Box 19, Koelenhof, 7605, South Africa